Make no mistake, you’ve landed here for a reason. Grab a glass of wine and let me introduce you to my world – where you and I exist solely for each other’s embrace. My name is Magi… yes, the same Magi you’ve known for years. If you already know me, then you can skip this blurb. But for those who don’t, let me share a bit about me.

“ Life was meant for good friends and great adventures ”

I’m a healthy, artistic and curious woman in my 30’s. I truly enjoy people and their stories. Because we are all connected by more than we think. And experiencing that connection is what makes us truly human, and not alone. This is why I love what I do – it makes me feel human. Hopefully for you as well.

To me, living well is best enjoyed when you can bring happiness to others as well. Pleasure is an art of its own and I possess the brush and canvas.

Reach out and let’s start our adventure…
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Shoe-Size  7
Age 37
Height 5’5″
Weight 110 lbs
Measurement  35-24″-35″
Eyes Brown
Hair Light Brown